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Dual Credit Information



Congratulations on passing the TSI ! You are now eligible to take Dual Credit classes through Kilgore College at WOHS. Your registration information will be faxed over by the end of the week. Once we receive notification of registration I will send an e-mail to your wostudent account with payment information. It is important that you begin taking responsibility for communication with your  parents and instructors regarding your college education. You will need to forward your college payment information to your parents. Kilgore has specific requirements and deadlines for payment, so you will need to check your WOHS email regularly to find information about setting-up your Kilgore e-mail and Blackboard account. That information will be provided to you in future e-mails for myself and  KC. I will forward all information I receive to you as soon as I get it.

Additionally, please remember that WOHS operates on a A,B,C scale for credit. This means A’s are 90’s, B’s are 80’s and C’s are 70’s. You MUST make a C or better to earn credit for your history course. You MUST earn an 80 or higher to earn the weighted credit. However, Kilgore operates on an A, B, C, D scale. This means A’s are 90’s, B’s are 80’s, C’s are 70’s and D’s are 60’s. A 60 will still earn you college credit for the course, although that is not the desired grade by any means. A 60 WILL NOT earn you high school credit. Be aware of your grades. Check your Blackboard accounts daily once classes starts. Learn your Kilgore College ID number! Being a college student requires additional responsibilities. Your college instructors cannot legally communicate with your parents. Please handle your business as well or better than you handled the TSI. 🙂

Again, congratulations! Please know that I am proud of you. I believe in you. And I hope your enjoy the beginning of your college career.

Go  Roughnecks!

Mrs. Pearce


TSI Testing Assignments have been posted outside of Mrs. Byrd’s Office and the Counseling Office. Remember that all tests must be paid for by 7:45 in the morning. IF you haven’t printed your Pre-Assessment Certificate and signed it, please do so and bring it to the test tomorrow. You cannot test without it.

Check out the Dual Credit & TSI page on this blog for information about the TSI-Pre-Asessment.



If you have signed up to take the TSI, we will be giving the test Tuesday, May 16th. There will be 2 groups. Those groups will be posted Friday, May 12 in the Counselors office and on this blog.

Please bring $20 to the Counselor’s Office by May 15th. Checks can be made out to WOHS. Please have you parents put your name in the memo section.

Have a great day and Go Roughnecks!


We will be End of Course (STAAR) testing next week. The schedule is as follows:

Algebra 1  -Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Biology – Wednesday, May 2017

US History – Thursday, May 2017

AP English 4 Test – Wednesday, May 3, 2017

AP Calculus -Tuesday, May 9, 2017

AP English 3 – Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Graduation Plans

While the transition to High School is scary for everyone, classes and course loads are easier than ever. Student now have the opportunity to select classes that will lead them toward their future endeavors. Check out the links below to help you better understand the exciting opportunities that await WOHS soon-to-be-freshman. Have a great day and Go Roughnecks!

Graduation Plans – TEA 

4 Year Plans & Endorsements


Super Net Classes

If you would like to take a SuperNet class you MUST complete the form below. IF a limited number of spaces become available for Summer courses you will be selected first-come-first serve IF you qualify. To qualify you cannot have failed or failed to complete an online course previously.