April 18, 2018 – TSI testing continued today! We will work the rest of the week to get everyone that needs to test, tested. Remember that EACH TEST COSTS $10. SO THE ORIGINAL FEE ONLY COVERED YOUR FIRST TESTING SESSION.  IF YOU RETESTED YOU OWE ADDITIONAL MONEY FOR EACH TEST YOU TOOK.


April 13, 2018 –

  • One Act Play advanced to State (AGAIN) Go Roughnecks
  • WO Girls Track won the District Track Meet (AGAIN)
  • ANOTHER great week to be a Roughneck!
  • English 1 & 2 EOCs were completed Tuesday and Thursday. Look for those results late May.


April 4, 2018 –

  • ACT tests were shipped today. Look for results in the next 3-6 weeks.
  • English 1 EOC will be TUESDAY, APRIL 10TH
  • English 2 EOC will be THURSDAY, APRIL 12TH
  • TSI testing is still ongoing. We are working out a schedule that helps students test while not missing too much class time. Please be patient with us and we work to create the best schedule for all of our students. Please note, the only students still taking the TSI are those that (1) did not finish a test (2) did not pass a test (they may test up to 2 times at WOHS)  (3) those students that paid for the test but were absent due to a school event. We have all of this information documented and will be getting with students as soon as possible.


March 7, 2018 – 

  • 12th grade – Students – Look at the Spring 2018 Information Sheet – Review Scholarship Deadlines – Re-Read Summer Newsletter.
  • 11th grade  Students – Look at Spring 2018 Information sheet for upcoming test dates. Detailed information is available on this blog.
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