STAAR Testing this week.

Tuesday, April 9th – 9th grade will take the English 1 EOC

Thursday, April 11th – 10th grade will take the English 2 EOC

Friday, April 12th – 9th grade Algebra 1 students will benchmark for their Algebra EOC.

Here are some links students may access from to home for additional review. STAAR REVIEW

Students will want to get a good nights rest the night before the test, have a healthy breakfast and bring snacks for during the test. Each test is 5 hours long, and student Testing Room Assignments have been made and are posted by the English teacher’s classrooms as well as on the Gym doors.

Students, please know that you are loved and believed in my the ENTIRE faculty and staff! You are ALL going to rock these tests and be one step closer to graduation!

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