Off to a GREAT start!

What a great 1st few days of school! We are off to a great start and things are great! Including living through the bells, figuring out parking and class relocations. Remember folks that our NEW SCIENCE WING will be ready soon and all this discomfort will be a memory! It will be well worth it! You guys get to be THE 1ST to attend classes in the new wing. Yay!

That being said, class meetings will take place this week. All of the meetings will take place during Enrichment in the Lecture Hall. Those meeting times are:




Friday Freshman

During these meetings we will be discussing:

  • Expectations, policies and procedures
  • Encouraging ALL of the student body to get involved in something – Athletics, Band, Stu Co, Model UN, UIL (etc).
  • Exemption policies and qualifications
  • Attendance
  • Tardies
  • Dress Code
  • Schedule Changes
  • Student ID’s
  • Anything else that I missed

Please attend these meetings and pay careful attention.  Remember most, if not all, of this information, is covered in the Student Handbook.

Remember that we BELIEVE in each of you and we KNOW we have THE BEST students in ETX! Go Roughnecks!

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