Kilgore College Dual Credit Registration Forms

Congrats to all successful TSI testers! You are now ready to Register for Dual Credit Classes. You should have received a Kilgore College Dual Credit Registration Form after successfully completing the Reading and Writing portions of the TSI test.

***Important Dual Credit information is stapled to the Registration Form. Students and parents are responsible for reading and abiding by all policies listed on both forms.

Successful Scores =

Reading – 351

Writing – 340 WITH a 4 on the essay OR a score less than 340 and an ABE Diagnostic level of at least a 4 and an essay score of at least a 5

Math – 350

You are now ready to complete your Kilgore College Dual Credit Registration Form. Please use the following information to help you complete the form.

Course Prefix  Course Number Section Number Semester & Year Office Use Only
History 1301 089 or 090 Fall 2018  LEAVE THIS BLANK
English  1301 089 or 090 Fall 2018
Government 2305 089 or 090 Fall 2018

C/O 2020 – Use the Dual Credit (DC) History information above to complete the form.

C/O 2019 – Use the DC English information above to register for English and the DC Government information to register for Government. Students are not required to register for both courses; they may register for DC Government without registering for DC English. ****Please note – Students will not receive an additional Flex Period in the Spring if they only register for Government in the Fall. They will be assigned an additional class. 

Section Number refers to the day of the week the course is offered. Students may select at day but there is not a guarantee that a class will be offered that day due to the number of students that enroll and actually pay for the course.

089 = Monday/ Wednesday classes

090 = Tuesday/ Thursday classes

*****Again this will depend on enrollment numbers. 

Tuition must be paid by the deadlines published in each semester’s registration guide, found online at, or classes will be dropped. ALL PAYMENTS ARE MADE AT KILGORE NOT AT WOHS.

A student that is dropped for non-payment will be enrolled in the equivalent WOHS course.


ALL SIGNED REGISTRATION FORMS ARE DUE APRIL 25TH BY 3:30. Students may turn the forms in AT ANY TIME prior to April 25th.


*White Oak High School uses TSI scores to determine eligibility for Dual Credit course for 2 reasons: (1) The TSI test will be required for most students to attend college at some point (2) The TSI test is a better indicator of College Readiness than an EOC score.


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