Aggieland Saturday Information


 Well, it’s that time of year again for Aggieland Saturday, our campus-wide Open House for prospective students to tour campus, tour dorms, meet with the colleges (majors), speak to an admissions advisor, speak to current students, and attend special presentations put on academic departments.  This year, as tradition, Aggieland Saturday is the second Saturday in February…Saturday, February 10, 2018.  (And yes, I know that it is an ACT testing day, so this would be good for students not taking the ACT.)

We have 2 options for attending Aggieland Saturday:     

Option 1:  As we did last year, I will be offering an opportunity for students to ride with me to Aggieland Saturday on a chartered bus as part of the Parent Program.  We only have room for 25 students and their parent.  Here are the details:

  • The Office of Admissions asks the student be a Junior in the Top 10% or Top 25% w/ promising test scores.
  • The student must bring 1 parent.
  • Meals will be provided for this group of students and their parents.
  • The cost of the trip is FREE.  Students and their parents will just need to meet us at the Tyler Rose Garden Center Parking Lot at 5:30am the morning of February 10, 2017 to board the charter bus.
  • Students will be required to take the bus down and back with us this year.
  • Students can register for this opportunity at

Option 2:  If this does not work for students and their parents, due to distance to Tyler or whatever, they are welcome to attend Aggieland Saturday on their own.  However, we will not provide meals for them if they opt to drive themselves down.  Students and parents wanting to just go on their own can register here:

I will have a PDF Flyer for you to distribute to your Juniors by the end of the week.

Last year, we received great feedback about the trip, so I highly recommend it if you have some prospective Aggies!

If you or students have any questions, let me know.

Thanks and Gig’em,

Derek J. Nido ‘11  |  Regional Advisor II- East Texas
Office of Admissions, Division of Academic Affairs | Texas A&M University
Dallas-Fort Worth Regional Prospective Student Center

3900 Arlington Highlands Blvd. #273 | Arlington, TX 76018

ph: 817.375.0960  |  fax: 817.375.8924 | [email protected]
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We have 2 new scholarship opportunities. I have posted them HERE.

Please carefully look at the ABC Auto scholarship. They are looking to give 2 $5000 scholarships to ETX kids. If you have an interest in automotives in ANY capacity:

  •  Automotive Design -Automobile designers design the appearance, the components, and often to the ergonomics of automobiles and other road vehicles, which may include vans, trucks, motorcycles, and buses.
  • Automotive EngineeringAutomotive engineering is a combination of mechanical, electrical and materials science. Engineers in this field can design new vehicles or look for ways to improve existing automotive engineering technology.
  • Automotive Marketing & Management -A degree in automotive business management provides training in automotive industry customer relations, technical assistance and field service engineering, technician training, automotive service and parts sales and fleet management.
  • Automotive Restoration -Auto Restoration is a degree or certification in the repair and restoration of vehicles to their original state.
  • Automotive Technology– Automotive technology is the practical application of knowledge about self-propelled vehicles or machines. Students studying automotive technology learn about engine construction, fuel and ignition systems, power trains, brakes, transmissions, electronic and diagnostic equipment, and more.

Maybe you haven’t considered one of these avenues. Take a look at them! This is a great opportunity!





Due to the Weather Release of school on Tuesday and Wednesday this week, the PLC Teacher Training Day scheduled for Wednesday, January 24th, has been canceled. This day will now be a regular, full day of school. We know that these unavoidable circumstances have resulted in inconveniences for teachers, students, and parents. We hope to get this week back to a normal schedule and provide optimal learning opportunities for all of our students.