WAY TO GO WOHS! We had a grand total of 122Ā  students sign- up to take the test. That’s fantastic!

Here are a few things to know for tomorrow:

  • You MUST show photo id to enter the testing location
  • We will not be providing calculators. Please bring your own. Here is a list of acceptable calculators. ACT Calculator Policy
  • You may not enter the testing location unless the proctor is present.
  • All backpacks, purses and bags will be left in the hallway. We have an adult supervising the hallway all day to ensure the safety of your personal items.
  • All cell phones, smart watches, chrome books, and other electronic devices CAN NOT be brought into the testing room. Those items will be separated by room and stored in the vault until just before the testing session is over.
  • We will finish testing between 1:15-2:0

Sequence of Tests

Test 1 – 45 minutes

Test 2 – 60 minutes

Break – 15 minutes

Test 3 – 35 minutes

Test 4 – 35 minutes

Get a good nights sleep! Eat a good breakfast! Know that you are loved and believed in! Go Roughnecks!

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