Incoming Sophomores – Class of 2019

Ladies and Gentleman , I have some news! As of today, I am the new WOHS counselor! I am both excited and sad. Excited to help each of you in a new way, and sad that I will not be able to get to know you as well as I would have liked. However,  I am leaving you in great hands! Mrs. Sims will be your teacher. SHE IS AMAZING! You will love her!  Please know that I am leaving you in good hands, or I wouldn’t have left. Also, know that I am humbly impressed with all of the work ya’ll have put in. That being said, your Summer Reading Projects have not changed. Due dates and requirements are the same. I will be helping Mrs. Sims grade your work. Please direct your questions and concerns to me as I am still the point of contact in regards to the assignments. Know that I will help each one of you in any way I can!

You were loved even before I knew you!

Have a Great day and GO ROUGHNECKS!

Mrs. Pearce

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